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Top Sealing Dampers in Chimneys

Top Sealing DamperThe three reasons we use Lemance, Lock top, and Chimolator top sealing dampers are:

  1. Save energy dollarstraditional throat dampers have a metal-to-metal seal. Even when they are new, they leak. That leaking gets worse over time, as they rust and warp with heat. This means even when they are closed, they allow warm air from your home to escape up the chimney, which adds significantly to your energy costs. Top-sealing dampers seal with a silicone rubber gasket that seals warm air in 90% more effectively than even new throat dampers.
  2. Protect your chimney from water damage:Damage caused by water from rain and snow will destroy your chimney. Water runs down your chimney and erodes the mortar joints and damages the firebox in your fireplace. Our top-sealing dampers will protect your inner chimney from water damage during those times you are not using your fireplace.
  3. Top-sealing dampers can also prevent animal infiltration:Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents love to move into chimneys. Our top-sealing dampers will help keep them out.

There’s a reason top-sealing dampers are installed on more chimneys every year than any other type. They carry a lifetime warranty, and are made of solid cast aluminum and stainless steel parts assembled to exact standards.

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