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Specialized Chimneys Caps and Exhaust Fans

Specialized chimney caps offer economical solutions to many chimney problems such as smoking problems caused by high wind conditions.

Exhausto® fans offer a guaranteed drafting solution to the most difficult fireplace drafting problems.

Ask Chimney Doctors about the circumstances that might lead you to choose one of the caps on this page. One may be just right for your metal chimney, your metal-relined chimney, or chimney smoking problems caused by high-wind conditions.

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Exhausto® fans ensure chimney draft when nothing else will…

These exquisitely made chimney fans are designed for one purpose: to give your chimney a strong draft. If you have a fireplace or wood stove that often spills smoke into the room, your chimney is a candidate for an Exhausto® fan. They are often the ideal solution for chimneys with chronic draft problems due to poor construction or design.

Exhausto® fans have a 6-month performance guarantee, a 2-year factory warranty, and a 10-year corrosion perforation warranty.

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