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Custom Chimney Caps

Custom made chimney caps offer a perfect fit, style, and material (stainless steel, copper or painted black stainless steel) to fit the personal taste of every homeowner. Not all flues and chimneys are a standard size or shape. With Gelco custom caps you can choose the size, shape, mounting style, and metal you like.

The three mounting styles are:

  1. Single-flue caps fasten to the flue tile above the chimney crown
  2. Top-mounted caps fasten with screws to the top of the chimney crown
  3. Outside-mounted caps completely cover the outside edge of the chimney crown, offering the most protection.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps help keep rain from entering the flue. An open flue is like a huge bucket that can allow large amounts of rain water to enter. A chimney cap is also a protective covering or housing for the top of the chimney intended to prevent the entry snow, animals, and birds and to help prevent downdrafts.


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