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Chimney Chase Covers: Problem/Solution


  • Chase cover is severely rusted
  • Stains aluminum siding
  • Leaks causing chase wood to rot
  • Can cause internal damage to flue lining system
  • Old caulk is cracked and deteriorated
  • Chase cover around flue is sunken
  • Internal house damage to drywall
  • Possible mold inside chimney

Solutions for Repair

  • Install new chase cover
  • Create dome like shape for water runoff
  • Seal chase cover around flue with flexible rubber membrane seal
  • Remove chase to properly inspect condition of flue lining system
  • Insulate interior chase to eliminate cold drafts
  • Install fire stop at top of each 8′ ceiling (per coded)

Available Stock

  • Galvanized Steel (10 yr. warranty)
  • Baked on Enamel (10 yr. warranty)
    • Bone white
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Colonial red
    • Almond
    • Classic green
    • Hearten green
    • Dark Bronze
  • Stainless Steel (Lifetime warranty)
  • Copper (Lifetime warranty)

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