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Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are probably the most inexpensive preventive measure to prevent water leaks, damage to the chimney, and birds/critters from nesting inside the chimney. Animal/birds nesting material is usually placed in the chimney during late-Spring/early-Summer by these critters and goes undetected until the furnace begins to heat the house in the cool days of early-Fall. This type of chimney clog is extremely dangerous since carbon monoxide could cause serious consequences to the homeowner.

An uncapped chimney can collect rain water and funnel it directly to the chimney interior. Moisture in a chimney flue can contribute to liner deterioration, interfere with draft and create potential for blockages. Caps also will keep birds and animals out of the chimney and can prevent sparks from landing on the roof or other combustible materials if there is a chimney fire. Caps should last a long time if they are made of sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant material. A full-size chimney cap may be a bit more expensive, but it will cover the entire chimney crown and protect it from wear.

Chimney CapsThree reasons every chimney needs a cap:

  1. Rain protection:
    Water causes the greatest damage to your chimney of any of the elements. It soaks into the porous bricks, eats away at the mortar, hastens the destruction of the chimney liner, and destroys the chimney crown. A chimney cap does a great job of protecting your chimney from water damage.
  2. Animal protection:One of the great sources of danger to homeowners is the threat of disease from animals like raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents that make their home in chimneys. A well-made chimney cap will keep those animals out of your home forever. Sturdy mesh and a strong lid keep even the most determined critters at bay.
  3. Spark protection:The mesh screen on our caps protects your home from sparks emitted from your chimney. That means less danger of a fire caused by stray sparks from your fireplace or woodstove.

A word on quality:

Gelco and HomeSaver Pro stainless steel and copper chimney caps have a lifetime warranty because they are made to exacting standards from the finest materials. That means we make them to stand up to severe weather, heat from your fireplace or appliance, and animals that would like to make a home in your chimney. We make them rugged because that’s what you need in a chimney cap. There are other caps, but if you want a lifetime of protection for your chimney, buy the best.

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